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Aromatherapy Updates

Luxurious Peppermint/Clove Massage Lotion

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I’ve settled on a favorite blend for giving Massage.  The Peppermint and clove oil are analgesics.  The clove has such a comforting smell.  To this I add a few drops of Rosemary oil-which smells great and is great for tight muscles.  To round it out I use Lavender essential oils to give the smell balance.  Lavender is also more gentle on the skin

Image result for lavenderthan the other oils and creates a bit of a buffer so the other oils don’t irritate the skin.



A word about Peppermint essential oil.

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It smells lovely and has many healing properties-but one can have too much of a good thing.  You only need a few drops and never put it directly on the skin.

I recall a few years ago, before I took a course on safely using essential oils, I experimented with putting steamy hot towels on my client’s face like they do in the salon where I get my hair cut.  I had the brilliant idea to add Peppermint to the towel because I liked how it smelled.  Even with only using a few drops it stung my client’s eyes.  It’s very hard to relax when your eyes sting.  Lesson learned.  Thankfully that client forgave me and still sees me for Massage. (Thanks KK if you are reading this) It was really a good thing I took the Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists course and hopefully won’t commit such an error again.


Citrus Blend

This month I am also trying out a new Cheerful Citrus Blend.  This one features essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemon and Orange.  These citrus oils are one little way to help beat back those Winter blahs.  Orange oil is also anti-spasmodic and great for digestion. It is said that the Citrus oils are also great for the immune system.  For how dry it is right now my clients are soaking up loads of essential oils.


In the Diffuser:

For the Winter months I have returned to my favorite Winter blend “Bayberry Balsam” from Sunleaf. It just smells right for the season and isn’t over whelming.  Steamy Balsam fir is also great for the lungs and can help with breathing and sinus problems.

From the Sunleaf Website:

BayBerry Balsam Pure Essential Oil Aroma

Add a touch of warmth to your home this holiday – with BayBerry Balsam.

BayBerry Balsam is a festive seasonal aroma featuring pure essential oils of aromatic balsam fir, spicy clove, and precious bayberry.

This Aromatherapy Blend is made from 100% pure essential oils, lot-tested and certified for purity. Use to scent pine cones or make seasonal potpourri, diffuse in an ultrasonic diffuser, or make your own recipes.

Available at the Wedge Co-Op.


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Insect Reject Roll-On

The Practical Healer has a new aromatherapy product for you just in time for the Summer:

Insect Reject by the Practical Healer

This is a great blend which uses lemongrass, eucalyptus, spikenard and cedarwood in a carrier of grapeseed oil. It comes in a roll-on format so that it travels easily. Just roll on your neck, ankles, or wrists. I also like the way it smells.

$4.00 per roll-on

insect reject

This is me at the pool using my roll-on.  I love sitting by the pool with kids swimming all around me.

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Aromatherapy Program Completed

I did it!! I completed the 36 hour Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists program. This was a blast and has given me so much inspiration to bring into Massage services with you.

Certificate from Aromahead

Custom Aromatherapy Massage Lotion

I will still be using Biotone as the base for your Massages. It’s a high quality creme that absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. I can use oil upon request. Now I offer a couple of choices.



Relaxation: This blend is mild smelling with Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Frankincense. These smells are comforting and sedating as well as anti-spasmodic and skin nourishing To this I can add Ginger or Cardamom for tummy troubles.  Patchouli or Ylang Ylang are added for deeper relaxation.  Ravinstara or Marjoram, are added to open the sinuses.  With 20 oils to choose from we can also add in something that you really like just because you like it!!

Muscle Magic: A client favorite. It has essential oils with properties known for soothing aching muscles and increasing circulation. It is also energizing and clears the head. It includes essential oils of Eucalyptus, Juniper, Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint. It smells stronger and opens the pathways.

Muscle Magic Salve:  Take home Muscle Magic in a concentrated formula to apply anytime you muscles feel sore.

Shiatsu clients:

I can still use this on your neck and feet.


Stay tuned for specialty ointments for specific aches and pains.

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Foot Soak

Imagine yourself laying face up on the Massage table. I put your feet into a perfectly warm foot soak tub filled with Epson salts and custom essential oils. As your feet soak I Massage your neck, shoulders and arms. With a 90 minute session there’s still plenty of time to work out all of your kinks. Includes Thai reflexology.

Favorite Blends Include:  Cold and Cough Support; Relaxation; and Invigorating



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April’s Active Again Arthritis Antidote

This week has been an exciting week for Aromatherapy adventures.  I have a new effective arthritis creme for you to try.

The active ingredient is Trauma Oil.  This special oil is a combination of St. John’s Wort and Calendula.  It is very effective at working with Arthritis and is also hard to find in the twin cities.  It can come in liquid form, but I find that hard to work with and because it is expensive I don’t want to lose a drop.  I combined the Trauma Oil with Bees Wax and Coconut Oil to make a creme just for you.

The essential oils used are Juniper, Sweet Orange, Ginger, and Cardamom.  It has a pleasant scent and is not too strong.  These oils are warming and your skin will notice.

My stepmother tried it on her arthritic toe and declared that she could walk easily again. She is an active lady that doesn’t want to be held back by toe pain.

Try “April’s Active Again Arthritis Antidote” Today.

I will use this in your Massage.  If you would like to take some home to try the cost is $10.00.  While starting out I will be selling this at just above the cost to make it.  I want as many people as possible to try it.

More on Arthritis: The fact is this, once you get the x-ray or MRI and the doctor determines that,yes,  indeed you do have arthritis there is not much that Massage can do for the actual arthritis.  The bone is worn away and I can’t fix that.  However, I can work on the muscles, tendons and ligaments that are irritated by the arthritis.  This Massage work plus April’s Active Again Arthritis Antidote will ease the pain cause by Arthritis.

See you soon.

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Is that Essential Oil you bought the real thing?

I am currently enrolled in a continuing education course in Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists with the Aromahead Institute. I’ve been talking to a lot of lay people about this topic and also noticing how mainstream Essential Oils have become.

I’ve been using essential oils for well over 17 years and have a good working knowledge of the basics. I still remember the first time I encountered Essential Oils in a holistic healing shop near Edinburgh University in Scotland. I remember feeling like Harry Potter walking into  “Diagon Ally” for the first time (This is actually not that far from the truth.  This shop was not located far from the coffee shop from where J.K. Rowling wrote the first novels and where I too would take my coffee.) The store was so magical and smelled amazing.  I bought a candle lit oil diffuser and some lavender essential oils and the journey began.

On the mundane end of the spectrum I was just at Michaels with the girls. On the end-cap was a display of diffusers and “Essential Oils”  They were larger,  clear bottles and the price point was around 5 dollars and it didn’t include any information about the ingredients.  Which leads to the question………?

How do you know if you are putting something safe and pure into the air or on your skin? Read this article from Prevention to learn more……..

7 Signs Your Essential Are Fake

This article addresses the question: How do you know if your Essential Oils are fake?  Read on if you are wondering if that cheap bottle you bought at the gift shop is the real thing.… Some Vials labeled “Essential Oils” are nothing more than crappy chemicals with a little lavender oil thrown in. I love essential oils, but it is important that you are buying the real deal. From what I could tell the “Essential Oils” at Michael’s were about a step above a chemical laden potion.

Thankfully, in Minneapolis we have plenty of places to buy Essential Oils.  I feel like I can always trust the food co-ops like the Wedge, Seward or Mississippi market.  Stores like Present Moment and and Whole foods will also be a good bet. Lund’s carries the Aura Cacia line which works fine.  I’m not sure how their price compares or how much they sell, i.e. how long the oils sit on the shelf but it will fill your craving in a pinch.  Be wary of anything that says “perfume oil” or “essential oils and other natural oils”

If you have doubts text me a photo of the label and I will tell you what I can.

Companies like DoTerra and Young living are good quality, but perhaps priced a little high considering we have easy access to specialty stores in the twin cities.

Happy Smelling!


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Aromatherapy Month

A great bodywork session which includes aromatherapy can be just the thing to stave off those Winter blues!

The Practical Healer is making a bigger effort to include Aromatherapy into each relaxation oriented Massage or Shiatsu sessions. As most of you know, Tiger Balm Liniment is included in your session as a way to relieve pain and open up the sinuses when you flip from prone to supine.

I also have a diffuser going with a seasonal essential oil. For the Winter I have Bayberry Balsam

In addition, I would like to offer a custom scented oil to enhance your Massage session. Popular aromas include Sweet Orange and Lavender.  Aromatherapy is currently included free of charge. Your session often ends with a spritz of Peppermint to awaken the senses and prepare you for your departure.