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Why Social Work?

What is the goal of the social work program?

This is a common question that clients ask me. I enjoy helping people in a one-on-one therapeutic environment and being self-employed. I love the physicality of doing Massage and Shiatsu, however my body can only handle so much wear and tear (hence a limited schedule). Some of you may not know this but a Licensed Social Worker can operate independently and offer mental health services. As such, the goal would be to add a counselling service to the Practical Healer. I would have to keep my current Massage and Shiatsu clients separate from therapy client’s because I have disclosed WAY too much information about myself to provide a therapeutic environment for you. In any case I have at least two and half years left of this program and do not plan to go anywhere in the meantime. Along the way I am learning a lot about diversity issues, trauma, mental illness and addiction. Hopefully, these skills can crossover to help me be a more empathic, effective bodyworker.

There is also a lot of interesting research and work being done using bodywork as a means of releasing trauma that is stored in the body. This is an idea that is gaining momentum in the therapy community. Currently, there are techniques like Somatic Emotional Release that work directly to release traumatic experiences stored in the body. Within the Shiatsu philosophy there are points and channels that can be activated to release deep emotional blockages. Many of us have felt the power of receiving regular, safe touch as a path to body, mind, and soul integration. It would be exciting to learn more about the mental health aspects of trauma and then pair that with the wisdom of bodywork.

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