To wear or not to underwear?

Have you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask if you should wear underwear during your Massage?

The answer: It is really up to you. I would guess that 60% of my clients keep their underwear on while 40% take them off.

Either way I will use good draping techniques so that you do not feel exposed. There are a couple of moves that I can accomplish a little more easily on the lateral hips without underwear. For deeper work along the sacrum work I will ALWAYS work through the sheet for your own safety and comfort.

Why keep them on: You feel safer and more secure.

Why take them off: You feel more comfortable and want me to be able to do effluarage or petrissage on your lateral hips.

In fact, when I get a Massage I sometimes keep them on and sometimes take them off. I get a good Massage either way.

Shiatsu Style:

If you feel more comfortable keeping all of your clothes on try Shiatsu. I use pressure points and stretches and work through the clothing.

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