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Should I Shave my Legs before a Massage?

What! Seriously! You have a question about this!! Have you met my family?!!! I’m a second generation hippie so bring on the leg hair! I only started shaving my own legs again when I turned 35.

Why you should shave your legsshavelegscartoon?

1)You are an avid cyclist and you don’t want drag or road rash.

2)It’s part of who you are and it makes you feel good about yourself.

3)It’s part of your “I’m excited to get a Massage ritual.”

4)You like how the efflaurage feels without the drag of leg hair.

Bad reasons to shave your legs

1)You want to impress me.

I will give you a great Massage with or without leg hair. Sometimes we just need a little more lotion.

If you are self-conscious about body hair and don’t want to shave you can always keep your clothes on and choose Shiats


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